Funtensity-Keynote Address

Jonathan shares his revolutionary method of merging brain science with exercise.

Funtensity Follow-Along Workout

Jonathan teams up with Nicole Meidinger to deliver a workout you can follow along with anywhere. You'll get a full-body workout, including your smile muscles, in just over 20-minutes and meet a surprise co-star from Nicole's past.

Abs Revealed Video Library

Get 60+ full instructional videos of all of the exercises from Jonathan's Abs Revealed book.

Personal Trainer v2.0

Trainers who just deliver workouts in session will struggle to make it in the fitness industry in the future.


It's really 20 for 2020! (We couldn't count.) Each trainer shows 10 exercises so you get 20 of our original exercises.

Off-Center Ball Training

Seen it all with the ball? A powerful, simple approach to new progressions and challenges with a stability ball.

Move Free Foam Roller & Bar

Self-massage with a foam roller + muscle activation with a mobility bar.

Roll, Restore, Recharge

Unique combination of self-massage and mobility exercises for maximum benefit.

Tubing Training Redefined

Make the most of partner training and eccentric loading with elastic resistance.