Abs Revealed Exercise Library


Instructional exercise library featuring demonstrations and how-to tips on technique for the 60+ exercises from Jonathan’s book, Abs Revealed.  Most of the exercises use either body weight, a stability ball, or TRX suspension trainer.  Exercises are organized in 3 categories:

  1. ROCK: featuring single spine actions in mostly unloaded positions
  2. PAPER: featuring single spine actions adding the challenge of load
  3. SCISSORS: combining flexion/extension with rotation for the most challenging type of abdominal exercises.

Use the videos for some great new moves to try on your own. Or, to get programming ideas on how to use these exercises, see the Abs Revealed book or the iPhone/iPad Abs Revealed app on iTunes.


(After checkout you will receive a link to download the video library as a .zip file. Each exercise is a separate video file in .WMV format.)


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Jonathan's “800 Pounds of Parents” directly inspired his prolific fitness career as a multiple Personal Trainer of the Year Award-Winner, brain fitness visionary, creator of Funtensity, blogger and spokesperson for the American Council on Exercises (ACE), and author of Abs Revealed. A former astronomer, Jonathan used to study stellar bodies – now he builds them – and just may be the first Astro-Fitness-ist!

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