From almost the first day I began working in fitness, I’ve been getting the question:

“What do YOU eat?”

I’ve put together a list of favorites that answers that question.  These are 10+1 (the +1 is a bonus one) that highlights the key to growing in the practical application of what to actually eat.  When it comes time to apply all the things you “should” be doing with nutrition, it can make your head explode while your stomach still growls.

There are a lot of recipe books and a lot of recipes on the internet. This needed to be different. So, I added some commentary, tips and tricks, and insights on why these have become favorites in my nutritional world.  Yours for $7.


A preview of what's inside this recipe e-book

See what a fitness professional actually eats and rather than pore through a large book of 200 recipes, you can skim this and find a couple you can try right away.

You’ll get…

  • The “Smoothie Builder” – a formula to follow-up to create different smoothies
  • “Protein Power Balls” – a recipe I’ve been using (and tweaking) since 2001 to make my own protein “bars.”
  • A breakfast option that is quick and (somehow) combines an egg, oatmeal, and yogurt. (It is way better than it sounds!)