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Find your “why” and it’s easier to do the “how” of fitness. What truly drives you? What matters most? The answer, when you connect it to fitness, will provide you with an endless supply of motivation.

Learn a little about my “why,” and then we can get to work on yours.

Why you want to get in shape usually has very little to do with fitness. It has everything to with a feeling you are after. If there’s something you love to do and people you live in your life, then fitness is for you.

Whatever you love about life, it gets better when you do it in a fit body. Why do you want to be healthy? You’ll know you find the why when you feel a surge of emotion.

You have seen my why – a powerful tragedy serving as the turning point for my career and life to live with devotion to helping everyone I can avoid living my father…living a life that is fully realized and not limited by a lack of physical ability and feeling good in your body.

Whatever matters most to you; fitness makes it better.