Fitness Services

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Fitness Coaching & Brain/Fitness Training In-Home, and Virtual Training

  • FITNESS COACHING: You deserve more than just a workout...I provide solutions to your fitness problems.
    Time spent with me is time spent transforming your attitudes about fitness and your results from your efforts. You get a tailored approach to exercise, sleep, nutrition, and other health behaviors that fits your life to enhance your life.
  • BRAIN-BASED FITNESS COACHING: Brain health is a hot topic. Brain games are not enough to protect you. All fitness is good for the brain, but specific types are better. We will address specific cognitive concerns while designing an approach to make your fitness efforts more fun than you thought possible and more helpful to your brain than traditional fitness.
  • Options:
    1. In-Home Personal Fitness Training & Coaching:
    Let me come to you! In-home rates for personal training available within a 20-minute travel radius of Annapolis, MD. Other locations may be available carrying an additional nominal premium. (Monday through Friday)

    2. Virtual One-on-One Fitness Coaching & Training
    Not local to Jonathan? No worries. Get some live time on the phone, WhatsApp, Skype, or Facetime to coach you on what to do when he can’t be with you. Available as a stand-alone option or mixed with live training for those who are away from the Annapolis, Maryland area frequently.


    Consulting and Speaking

    If you or your organization needs a dynamic speaker to provide up-to-date fitness and nutrition information with flair in a fun-filled, interactive manner, for information about our speaking and consulting services. See current speaking schedule, or to explore inviting Jonathan to contribute to your event, see speaking services.

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