Lose yourself in play to find yourself in fitness.

Fitness needs to be intense enough to get results, yet enjoyable enough to create a desire to do it.  Most people don’t enjoy the traditional approach to fitness.  And they never will.

That’s where Funtensity comes in.  It is the practical application of cutting-edge brain science.  Funtensity teaches you how to transform the emotional experience of exercise forever, making it less like a chore and more fun.

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A single day will change the way you deliver fitness.  There are 4 main parts and by the end of the day, you will have discovered:

  • Willpower: What it is, why we have it, and how to save it.
  • Funtensity workout:  Use reactivity, coordination, and interactivity to forever change “exercise”
  • Brain Science: how Funtensity-style exercise enhances brain function now and future brain health
  • Emotion-Based Decision Making: You don’t have to love exercise, but you do have to at least get a crush on it

Register now.  Experience all of the above (and get 6 hours of CECs from ACE) for $229.

Change the game by making it one. Become a professional of fun.

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November 12, 2017, 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM 
Sport Fit, Whitemarsh Park Drive, Bowie, MD 20715, phone: 301-262-4553 map

Thursday, October 5, 9 AM – 4 PM
Asia Fitness Convention, Bangkok, Thailand – “Pre-Con” session (Register for this event at this link. Information and registration are in the links at the top of the page.)