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800 Pounds of Parents
Two Extreme Outcomes...One Passionate Fitness Expert

I had almost 800 pounds of parents. 

At the time of my father’s death, he weighed 424 pounds and my mother weighed 370 pounds.  Even though I am an only child, we still had a BIG family.  My father’s death from his poor lifestyle choices was the flashpoint for my career as a personal trainer.  For my mother Pat, it was a massive wake up call.  She came face to face with her own mortality.

My mother has lost 170 pounds and is running around so much I can’t keep track of her half of the time.  If you see her, tell her to call me.

My mother’s eventual results are directly related to her ability to integrate a fitness mindset into her life, it wasn’t easy for her but small gradual changes made all the difference to the end result.  Slowly and steadily, mother made better choices for nutrition and activity. 

I have seen the two extremes of health and fitness in my own parents.  I’ve seen the awful result of poor choices in my father’s death.  And I’ve seen the wonderful turnaround that can occur in my mother’s new found life.  The great thing is that she hasn’t just gotten her life back, she has discovered how to really live.

These two extremes clearly illustrate the outcomes that are the inevitable result of choices.  The outcome can be horrible or it can wonderful.  My experiences with my parents has given me a unique perspective and sensitivity to the struggle with obesity faced by millions of people today and has given me the opportunity to become one of the leading fitness experts on obesity and weight loss so I can put that sensitivity and my experiences to use.

The memory of my father and the life I have seen my mother reclaim keeps me highly motivated.  I hope that you too will consider the vastly different outcomes that have resulted from their lifestyle choices as you live day to day.

You only get one body...use it wisely and live well.

My Best for Your Best,

    - Jonathan Ross

P.S.  Check Mom Out....

   Mom (circa dad's death)                Mom ( 7 years later)


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